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Discipline in Line

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I am in Maui Hawaii today with my family on vacation and am reminded that as artists we have a heightened awareness of the visual. The beauty around me is vivid as it is for my family, but my language differs. We live in a visual world that is defined by seeing things differently, part of what makes us who we are. I am thinking — Is the ocean a little more phthalocyanine blue red shade or turquoise? Are the values around me mid tone or deep and rich, are the shapes more organic or geometric? Fortunately my family is used to my language and are not surprised by my descriptions. My mind wanders into the artist thoughts often. It is exciting and travel always adds to my images that will have to be expressed in the visual.

Each year I choose 2 to 3 different elements and principles of art to focus on. This year, one area I have been exploring with determination is “line.” I see so many wonderful lines here… the horizontal waves of the ocean that are in constant change, the verticals of the palm trees and the organic of the tropical plants to mention just a few.

This year I am simplifying line in new ways. Often you would not recognize the lines source in my paintings as would be the case of this week. I will be abstracting and rearranging what I see to take my art to new levels along with mixing new medias and color choices to my watercolors.

My “Exploratory Territory” as I call it, has been successful getting me into regional and national shows this past two years. One way I have used as educational, is drawing line exercises (see “Disciplines in Line” video on my youtube channel amanarts) as well as rearranging the lines in shapes. I work within many of the “rules” of art along with strategic breaking of rules.

Since I focus each year on different elements and principles in my work, I am adding to my knowledge of past years. As these disciplines add up I feel I am getting a wide range of possibilities opening up and keeping me engaged in my past work but also staying fresh with the new discoveries.

I wrote this article to present thoughts to you that I have found are helping my work and other artists. As I teach I see other artists come to new levels of expertise in their work as well. Line, color, shape, value, composition, etc. choose one or two to ponder a little more in your art. If I live a very long life, I may have just opened a broader education than if I hadn’t put the effort into the discovery of the What If? I would enjoy hearing from you as you put some new discoveries on your art surfaces. I continue on… Exploratory Territory in Disciplines of Line! Come join me.

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