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Idaho Watercolor Society is a nonprofit organization. Your tax deductible contributions support our mission to promote and support the use of watercolor media and to educate the public as to the significance of watercolor painting.

The Society advances the interests of painters in watercolor through its programs, workshops, and exhibits. The Society is dedicated to the highest standards of artistic excellence and has no bias toward any particular style.

Send your donation to:  IWS Treasurer • PO Box 9093 • Boise, ID • 83707

Become an Idaho 100 Club member. The Idaho 100 club was conceived in 2017 with the primary goal to raise funds for the 2020 Western Federation of Watercolor Societies (WFWS) Exhibition, which will be hosted by IWS in that year.

The following people and vendors are members of the 100 Club:

Linda Aman – Aman Arts
Loretta Barra
Carol Browning
Joanne Duffin
Phyliss Edmundson
Renee Galligher

Pat Fennell
Gail Greco
Tom Greco
Pam Grant
Dennis Hayzlett
Kay Henry
Kathy Holzer

Neila Loebs
Laurel Lake McGuire
Zona O’Neal
Bernadette Regnier
Margoire Reinecker
Lori Seale

Gloria Shirely
Sessions Fine Arts
Paula Sinclair
Anne Watson Sorensen
Mareth Warren
Ann Winslow
Jackie Zumalt