You are viewing the 64 paintings juried into the 2024 IWS Annual Exhibition. Esteemed Artist, Chris Stubbs, was the Juror.

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Juror's Choice: Somewhere In Between, Gloria Miller Allen


First Place: Late October on the Payette, Hugh Mossman


Second Place: Owyhee Sunset, Jessica Bryant


Third Place: Bristlecone Pine Triptych, Joyce Green


Fourth Place: Orange, Ying Peng


Ed Robinson Memorial Award: Untitled, Michael Granger


Dwight Williams Memorial Award: Winter Twilight, Gail Greco


Welles Seifert Memorial Award: Leo the Tiger Tamer, Lori Kay Seale


Will Nelson Memorial Award: Iris No. 9, Gwen J. MacLean


Honorable Mention: Beloved, Jennifer Von Bergen


Honorable Mention: At One Time My Father Was a Boy, Julene Knapp


Honorable Mention: Abundance 2, Anne Watson Sorensen


Honorable Mention: Explorers, Sally Ellis


Honorable Mention: Dynamic Energy, Linda Aman


Honorable Mention: The Feeling of Water, Shelly Johnson


Honorable Mention: Watch Out!, Marilyn Holte


Honorable Mention: Enlightenment, Sue Antonich


Honorable Mention: Little Miss, Karen Hickman


Honorable Mention: Upon Reflection, Scott Muscolo


Honorable Mention: Fresh Snow, Susan Snyder


Teton Magic, Marina Zavalova


Bovine Conference, Stanley Cope


Brian, Thank you for your service, Lynn McConnell


Patriarch, Marina Zavalova


Petals and Periwinkle, Carol HasBrouck


Oreana Range Sentry, Laurie Asahara


The Golden Girls, Anne Watson Sorensen


Enjoying the View, Cherry Woodbury


Morning Light, Sue Johnston


Lone Hiker, Hugh Mossman


The Heart at Antelope Canyon, Garianne Erwin


Boardwalk, Jane Shimon


Bison at Yellowstone, Gail Greco


Rhubarb Beauty, Renee Galligher


Rivers of Rock and Lichen, Linda Carlson


Smells Like Rain, William Cox


Rusty and Retired, Dennis Hayzlett


Pink Lady, Joann Lance


Phsssht Phsssht Phsssht, Lori Kay Seale


Summer in Galena, Sharon Herther


Stargazing, Cali Ward


A Dog's Day, Teresa Wade


East Fork Salmon River Cabin, Nadine Hergenrider


Early Morning Light, Mike Pepper


Circles of Delight, Linda Aman


Iced Over, Marilyn Henderson


First Sign of Spring, Angela Grainger


Chimney Rock, Jessica Bryant


Cedar Breaks, Laurie Asahara


Brian, Thank you for your service, Lynn McConnell


First Visit to the Louvre, Susan Kluksdal


Cattle Trails, Cali Ward


Yang Shao Farmer with Water Buffalo, Jean Nelson Ah Fong


Here and There, Pam Grant


Early on the Snake River, Susan Snyder


The Flirt, Joanne Duffin


Game Day with my Buddy, Nancy Inaba


Canyonlands Deadfall, Dennis Hayzlett


Frosty Mountain, Donald Nafus


Highway 93 Classics, Nadine Hergenrider


Garden Blossoms, Jackie Zumalt


Idaho Charm, Bernadette Regnier


Winter Citrus, Tangerines, Rachel Linquist


Wary Grizzly, Karyn deKramer


The River In Me, Kayla Cuellar



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Celebrate the 2024 IWS Annual Juried Exhibition at the Water’s Edge Gallery in the Riverside Hotel, Boise, ID from May 2 through June 30 The exhibition will be juried by nationally renowned artist, Chris Stubbs.   The Critique and Awards Ceremony will be Tuesday, June 4 from 5:30 – 8:30 at the Riverside Hotel.  Hope to see you there!

Congratulations to the IWS artists and their artworks chosen for inclusion in the 49th Annual WFWS Exhibition.  Visit the WFWS page to learn more.



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The Society sponsors a wide range of activities across the state, including exhibitions, workshops, paint-togethers, social get-togethers, holiday parties, and educational programs where beginning artists can learn and grow, and seasoned artists can explore new techniques and contribute their talents to better the organization. Volunteer and get involved.


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