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We are excited to welcome you to our fun and supportive community of water media artists. Our Society boasts a rich history of providing valuable opportunities and benefits to artists and the community. Joining us is easy. Select your desired membership level from the options below to begin your journey. Each section has a dedicated sign-up button to guide you through a simple registration process.

Would you prefer a paper application? No worries! Click here to download a printable membership form. Fill it out, include a check, and mail it to us. We’re here to make your joining process as comfortable as possible!

Active Member

Eligible watercolor painters who maintain their primary residence in the State of Idaho are invited to join us as active members of the Society. Active membership requires staying current on annual dues and participating in at least one Society-sponsored show every three years, including open shows. As an active member, you will enjoy full voting rights and the opportunity to serve on our Board of Directors. Additionally, active members relocating from Idaho can retain their membership, provided they continue to pay their dues annually and maintain active status.

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Affiliate Member

Join us as an Affiliate Member, a special category designed for non-painters who wish to contribute to the Idaho Watercolor Society through volunteer work. As an Affiliate Member, you play a crucial role in our community by assisting with various administrative tasks and enriching our events and programs. The best part? This membership is dues-free, acknowledging the value of your time and effort. Please note that Affiliate Members do not hold voting privileges, but their impact in supporting and organizing our Society’s activities is invaluable.

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Associate Member

Explore the opportunity of becoming an Associate Member with us, a category open to both Idaho residents and non-residents. As an Associate Member residing in Idaho, you’ll be granted voting rights and the eligibility to be elected to Board positions, except President and Vice President. Unique to this membership, there are no exhibition requirements, giving you flexibility in your artistic involvement. Additionally, you can participate in regional and statewide open (non-juried) shows.

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Dual IWS and PAPI Member

Discover a world of artistic possibilities with our Dual IWS and PAPI Membership, tailored for enthusiasts of both watercolor and plein-air painting. This membership offers a unique blend of opportunities from the Idaho Watercolor Society and the Plein Air Painters of Idaho. As a Dual Member, you’ll enjoy the full spectrum of IWS benefits, including participation in exclusive exhibitions and total voting rights. Simultaneously, embrace the plein-air experience with PAPI, where you can participate in outdoor painting events, workshops, and exhibitions. This membership is ideal for artists seeking comprehensive access to resources, community engagement, and broadened exposure in the art world.

Ready to blend the joys of watercolor and plein-air painting? Click the button below to join as a Dual IWS and PAPI Member.

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Fulltime Student Member

Step into the vibrant world of watercolor art with our Fulltime Student Membership, specifically designed for students eager to be part of the Idaho Watercolor Society. Priced at just $15, this membership offers a budget-friendly way for full-time students to access all the privileges of active membership. As a Fulltime Student Member, you’ll enjoy participating in IWS exhibitions, have full voting rights, and be eligible for board positions, provided you maintain your full-time student status. This membership is perfect for students seeking to explore their artistic talents, gain exposure, and connect with a community of like-minded artists.

If you’re a student passionate about watercolor art and eager to join our community, click the button below to start your IWS journey.

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