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WFWS49 Award Winners

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Please congratulate Gail Greco, who won the Gecko Award of Merit for her painting, “Yellowstone Winter”, and Jessica Bryant, who won the Saguaro Award of Merit for her painting, “Afternoon Calm at Yellow Dog”, at the 49th Annual Western Federation of Watercolor Societies Exhibition in Phoenix, Arizona. Please also congratulate Joyce Green, who received WFWS Signature status this year. All IWS members who entered WFWS49 should receive their catalog this week and accepted artists will also receive their Certificate of Acceptance with their catalog.

For a list of the entries see the WFWS49 ArtCall Exhibition page

Shelly Johnson
IWS WFWS Delegate

2024 Annual Show Exhibitors – Where and When to Deliver Paintings

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Hello 2024 Annual Show Exhibitors:

As a reminder, Friday, April 26 is the date for delivering your painting(s) to the Riverside Hotel, 2900 W Chinden Blvd, Boise, 83714.  For your convenience, the easiest place for you to bring it to the hotel is the “Sapphire Room” entrance at the southwest corner of the hotel.

As you enter there, the Emerald and Garnet rooms are to the left, where we’ll be accepting the paintings.

Please drop off your painting between 9:00-11:00 AM.  Sandra Davis from the hotel and I will be there to accept your paintings.  Please have already delivered your completed Water’s Edge Gallery agreement (attached again for your convenience) to me via snail or email.

So far, in addition to the 65 paintings accepted into the exhibit, we have 19 non-juried paintings hanging.  This will be a great exhibit!

Thank you,

Scott Muscolo, 2024 IWS Annual Juried Exhibition Chair

Water’s Edge Gallery Contract 2024 Modified for IWS Annual Show

Attention all 2024 Annual Juried Exhibition Participants Whether or Not You Were Juried In/Accepted Into the Show

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Attention all participants in the 2024 Annual Juried Exhibition WHETHER OR NOT YOU WERE JURIED IN/ACCEPTED INTO THE SHOW:


If you would like to send your non-exhibit painting(s) that you entered (up to two per artist) please contact me via email directly (again) with your name, painting title, dimensions, and asking price EVEN IF YOU HAVE SENT ME AN EMAIL SAYING YOU’D LIKE TO DO THIS.  REPEAT:  EVEN IF YOU HAVE SENT ME AN EMAIL SAYING YOU’D LIKE TO DO THIS.

I have done more work regarding how such paintings would be handled by the hotel, and on the need to keep them separate from the accepted exhibit paintings.

Due to my essentially fallible nature, I have not saved all your prior individual emails saying “hey, I’d like to send in my paintings anyway”.

Sending them to me again will ensure that I can inform the Riverside Hotel properly regarding hanging tags for the non-accepted paintings and how their sales are to be handled.

The Details for Hanging Tags spreadsheet attached is for your information only, but if you find your name on the list and there is an error (or you wish to make a price change) please also send me an email.  Some of them have curious spellings (I tried very hard to exactly copy your information from the detail list in your ArtCall submission) or no entry for either price or dimensions.

     2. REQUEST

For all of you who wish to sell your painting(s), please download and complete the attached contract for the Water’s Edge Gallery/Riverside Hotel for information on your painting and your agreement to their terms.  Note that the Riverside Hotel WILL INSURE YOUR PAINTING FOR THE ASKING PRICE ($3500 and under) as long as you complete and sign the agreement.  Please take care of this immediately.  If you can scan and email, great.  If not, fill it out and mail to me right away.  I’d like to get all this to Sandra Davis at the Riverside Hotel by Monday of next week (4/22).   The contract also spells out the Riverside Hotel commission (20%).


The De-Installation date for exhibit paintings has been pushed out to Monday, July 1 so that the Riverside Hotel won’t have empty walls during the July 4th holiday weekend.  This also gives you an extra weekend in which to sell your painting.

 My Address:

Scott Muscolo
3640 N Pankratz Way
Meridian, ID  83646

Shipping address for the Riverside Hotel:

Sandra Davis c/o The Riverside Hotel
2900 W. Chinden Blvd.
Boise, ID  83714

 If you have an individual question on any of this, including the shipping/receiving dates, please feel free to contact me directly on the phone or via email.

Scott Muscolo, 2024 IWS Annual Juried Exhibition Chair

Details for Hanging Tags

Water’s Edge Gallery Contract 2024 Modified for IWS Annual Show

Greetings Annual Show Participants!

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Greetings Annual Show Participants!

ArtCall for the 2024 IWS Annual Juried Exhibition is completed, and no new entries may be submitted or existing entries modified.

Congratulations to all for your hard work and dedication to our society for participating in this show.  We have a record 82 participants and 153 submissions!  This is a terrific pool of wonderful artwork to choose from, and I’m sure we have given our judge a hard nut to crack.  Good luck to all of you!

As a reminder, once the jurying is complete, whether or not your painting was accepted into the exhibition, you are welcome to send your work to the Riverside Hotel (we’ll put out more specific information shortly) with pricing if you wish to try to sell it.  This is the first time we’ve been able to do this!  Out of the largesse of our sponsor for the show we are able to hang as many paintings as we like.  I encourage you to take advantage of this if your goal is to sell your work.  The works will hang for two months (May and June), until the travel show is packed up and shipped to Twin Falls for the first leg of the tour.  I will arrange for your paintings to be returned as I have for other shows, and will contact you with shipping charges.

Again, thank you for your record participation!

Scott Muscolo, 2024 IWS Annual Juried Exhibition Chair


Upcoming close of ArtCall

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Greetings Annual Show participants!

This is a reminder that ArtCall for submissions is closing at 9:00 PM, MST, on Wednesday, March 27.  After that time/date you will no longer be able to modify or enter new submissions.

We will be notified of the juror’s selections by April 9.

We currently have 102 submissions, and I expect several more to come in prior to closing.

Thank you for your participation, and again good luck to all!

Scott Muscolo, 2024 IWS Annual Juried Exhibition Chair


VineArts Community Art Show: Call for Entries

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VineArts Community Art Show: Call for Entries


VineArts invites creatives of all ages & skill levels in the community to submit creative work about seasons – literal or metaphorical. It could be a beautiful photograph of the Sawtooths in the fall or a tree blossoming in spring. Maybe it’s a painted portrait of an elderly woman in the “winter” of her life. Or maybe you want to explore the spiritual seasons you’ve been through using pottery, quilting, poetry or a short story. Whatever “seasons” brings to mind, we’d love to see it!


Entry Drop-off: MARCH 10-13, 2024

Opening Reception: SUNDAY, MARCH 17 @ 11:30AM

To learn more:

Danica Thurber

VineArts Ministry Director

Award Winners of 43rd Annual Juried Exhibition

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IWS members

We have exciting news.  Over 70 artist members, friends and art lovers attended our opening reception and awards ceremony at Initial Point Gallery, in the Meridian City Hall last night.

We are pleased to announce the 20 artists who received awards and will be traveling throughout galleries across the State for the remainder of the year.


Juror’s Choice – Anne Watson Sorensen – Meridian
First Place – Torgesen Murdock – Pocatello
Second Place – Laurie Asahara – Eagle
Third Place – Pam Grant – Fruitland
Fourth Place (Ruth Clark award) – Hugh Mossman – Boise
Ed Robinson Memorial Award – Lori Seale – Graham, WA
Dwight Williams Memorial Award – Linda Aman – Idaho Falls/Star
Betty Benson Memorial Award – Joyce Green – Meridian
Welles Seifert Memorial Award – Dwight Williams – (deceased)
Honorable Mention – Carol HasBrouck Browning – Meridian
Will Nelson Memorial Award – Carol Elliott Smith – Boise
Honorable Mention – Donald Nafus – Boise
Honorable Mention – Jackie Zumalt – Grangeville
Honorable Mention – Joni Frey – Boise
Honorable Mention – Gail Greco – Star
Honorable Mention – Scott Muscolo – Meridian
Honorable Mention – Les Scott – Idaho Falls
Honorable Mention – Sharon Herther – McCall
Honorable Mention – Nancy Inaba – Boise
Honorable Mention – Rachel Linquist – Boise


Congratulations to all who were juried into the show and to all who won awards.

Scott Muscolo – Show Chairman

Carol HasBrouck Browning – President

IWS Watercolor Society, Letter from the President

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Fellow IWS Artists,

Since we only publish our newsletter quarterly, and IWS is ramping up activities, I thought an update was in order.           

Experimental Exhibition – Wow, what a turnout!  The board was delighted to have 53 entries into our first-ever “Anything Goes” exhibition.  A huge thank you to Cherry Woodbury for leading this effort.  If you were at the Annual Meeting, you saw the winning entries and know who the winners are.  If you missed that great event, here is the announcement…albeit delayed:

First Place, titled “A Night Out” by Jane Wilson $300
Second Place, titled “Summer Sunflowers” by Jean Nelson Ah Fong $200
Third Place, titled “Refugee” by Dave Earnest $100

A huge thank you to our juror Ruth Armitage from the Oregon Watercolor Society.

Annual Meeting – If you were not able to attend, you missed a good one!  So many people helped make this annual event outstanding, but special thanks to our Regional Rep, recently retired, Linda Carlson.  We will miss Linda, as she and her husband move to North Carolina.   We experienced five amazing Art Talks over the course of those two days:  Linda Aman, Sue Tyler, Torgeson Murdock, Yidan Guo, and Bernadette Regnier.  We tried our hand at block prints, visited the Idaho Falls Art Gallery, picnicked in the park, wandered through the amazing Japanese Gardens, and made and renewed friendships from across the state.  A huge thank you to all who helped make this event so enriching.  Watch for news about next year’s location and activities.

Strategic Planning – The day before the annual meeting in Idaho Falls, a handful of members gathered to envision and plan for our future…who we are, who we want to be, and the resources we need to get there.  Our goal over the course of the coming 9 months is to develop these plans and present them at our 2023 Annual Meeting for the organization’s approval.  Our next strategic planning meeting will be in Boise in November. If you are a visionary and/or strategic thinker and would like to be involved, get in touch with me.

Membership – Three announcements regarding membership:

  1. To facilitate increased opportunities for our members, the board researched other regional arts organizations and voted to increase our dues by $5.  Dues will now be $45 per year.
  2. Previously an additional $5 could be paid if a member wanted to receive the quarterly newsletter by mail.  Due to the increased cost of postage and printing, for a decreasing number of members, the board voted to provide the newsletter exclusively by email and eliminate mailed copies.
  3. The board and members at the annual meeting voted to offer a third option for membership.  Joint membership with the Plein Air Painters of Idaho (PAPI) will be offered at a cost of $70.  This is a $20 savings if you belong to both IWS and PAPI.  Each organization will maintain its organizational structure and exhibition requirements. Joint membership will allow you to enter shows, workshops, and events for both organizations.   Joint membership can be paid for either by mail to Lynn McConnell or online at the IWS Website.

We will start our cooperative activities with the previously announced Plein Air Workshop on April 8th.  It will be held at the beautiful Riverhouse in Star, Idaho, featuring the nationally acclaimed Plein air painter, Gabriel Stockton from the San Diego Watercolor Society.

Rotunda Show – Beth Trott and Bonnie Liles have been busy planning for this next exhibition at the Capitol Rotunda Show March 4 – 17th.   We had so many visitors last year, and a first-time reception that was so well attended, it was crowded.  Just what artists, looking to sell their work (sans commission) like.

 Annual Exhibition 2023 – Plans are well underway with our experienced Exhibition Coordinator, Scott Muscolo.  Our Vice President, Don Belts has been working hard at securing a juror and workshop instructor for next year. We are pleased to announce that he has contracted with Robin Poteet of Virginia.  If you are not familiar with her work, check out her website.  I think you will be impressed.  The breadth of her work is amazing.  Scott will have more information and the prospectus available in January.

Regional Reps – I wanted to recognize the great work our Regional Reps are doing, hosting workshops, meetings, and art activities and recruiting new members.   Every week I receive notice from Lynn McConnell, our membership chairman, of new members joining IWS.  A huge thank you to Cathy Anderson, Connie Pepper, Cheryll Root, Les Scott, and Neila Loebs.

In closing, I am writing this from my daughter’s patio in Santa Barbara.  It is 89 degrees today!  Beautiful, but a little too hot in October for this native Idahoan!  Enjoy this beautiful Fall and paint like your life depended on it.  After all, we have numerous shows coming up:  Rotunda show, WFWS, Annual Exhibition, and probably more!

Carol HasBrouck Browning
IWS President