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Attention all 2024 Annual Juried Exhibition Participants Whether or Not You Were Juried In/Accepted Into the Show

By April 16, 2024No Comments

Attention all participants in the 2024 Annual Juried Exhibition WHETHER OR NOT YOU WERE JURIED IN/ACCEPTED INTO THE SHOW:


If you would like to send your non-exhibit painting(s) that you entered (up to two per artist) please contact me via email directly (again) with your name, painting title, dimensions, and asking price EVEN IF YOU HAVE SENT ME AN EMAIL SAYING YOU’D LIKE TO DO THIS.  REPEAT:  EVEN IF YOU HAVE SENT ME AN EMAIL SAYING YOU’D LIKE TO DO THIS.

I have done more work regarding how such paintings would be handled by the hotel, and on the need to keep them separate from the accepted exhibit paintings.

Due to my essentially fallible nature, I have not saved all your prior individual emails saying “hey, I’d like to send in my paintings anyway”.

Sending them to me again will ensure that I can inform the Riverside Hotel properly regarding hanging tags for the non-accepted paintings and how their sales are to be handled.

The Details for Hanging Tags spreadsheet attached is for your information only, but if you find your name on the list and there is an error (or you wish to make a price change) please also send me an email.  Some of them have curious spellings (I tried very hard to exactly copy your information from the detail list in your ArtCall submission) or no entry for either price or dimensions.

     2. REQUEST

For all of you who wish to sell your painting(s), please download and complete the attached contract for the Water’s Edge Gallery/Riverside Hotel for information on your painting and your agreement to their terms.  Note that the Riverside Hotel WILL INSURE YOUR PAINTING FOR THE ASKING PRICE ($3500 and under) as long as you complete and sign the agreement.  Please take care of this immediately.  If you can scan and email, great.  If not, fill it out and mail to me right away.  I’d like to get all this to Sandra Davis at the Riverside Hotel by Monday of next week (4/22).   The contract also spells out the Riverside Hotel commission (20%).


The De-Installation date for exhibit paintings has been pushed out to Monday, July 1 so that the Riverside Hotel won’t have empty walls during the July 4th holiday weekend.  This also gives you an extra weekend in which to sell your painting.

 My Address:

Scott Muscolo
3640 N Pankratz Way
Meridian, ID  83646

Shipping address for the Riverside Hotel:

Sandra Davis c/o The Riverside Hotel
2900 W. Chinden Blvd.
Boise, ID  83714

 If you have an individual question on any of this, including the shipping/receiving dates, please feel free to contact me directly on the phone or via email.

Scott Muscolo, 2024 IWS Annual Juried Exhibition Chair

Details for Hanging Tags

Water’s Edge Gallery Contract 2024 Modified for IWS Annual Show