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May 2023

Donation Request Template

By All IWS Info

Hello IWS Members:

I was asked at a board meeting to provide a template for donation requests for members from various regions who have asked for this form.  The original form accessed by clicking here was created by Laurie Asahara, and I modified it a little so you could use it in pretty much any donor request situation you might have.

Please modify it as necessary to your specific event, add a link or keep the web gallery from the 2023 show, which is a nice representation of our work.

It’s much easier to get a donation than one would think, most vendors that we have contacted, have been more than happy to donate.  For the vendor, the job of donating is frequently delegated to one particular person in the vendor/donating company who also has to ensure that their company name is getting out there and has the right exposure.

Getting donations ensures that we can continue to provide nice awards for competitive exhibitions of all kinds.


Scott Muscolo

Annual Juried Exhibition Chair

Link to donation request form letter