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October 2023

The Business of Art Opportunities Brainstorming Session

By All IWS Info, IWS Annual Meeting

Here is the compilation of the breakout and brainstorming share sessions for artist opportunities from the Business of Art presentation at the 2023 Annual Idaho Watercolor Society meeting.   It is a nice healthy list of artist opportunities city, state and nationwide.

Click here to download the list.

Click here for Anne’s original presentation on The Business of Art

Thanks for your patience,

Anne Watson Sorensen

Business of Art Presentations from the Annual Meeting

By IWS Annual Meeting

On Friday, September 15, at the IWS Annual Meeting, Anne Sorenson, Nelli Garibyan and Dave Galligher delivered presentations on the Business of Art.  They shared all the information needed to move your art skills forward.  They have graciously allowed their presentations to be posted on the IWS website.

The Business of Art by Anne Sorensen

The Business of Art by Nelli Garibyan

IWS Social Media by Dave Galligher

IWS Social Media Handout by Dave Galligher