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March 2024

Greetings Annual Show Participants!

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Greetings Annual Show Participants!

ArtCall for the 2024 IWS Annual Juried Exhibition is completed, and no new entries may be submitted or existing entries modified.

Congratulations to all for your hard work and dedication to our society for participating in this show.  We have a record 82 participants and 153 submissions!  This is a terrific pool of wonderful artwork to choose from, and I’m sure we have given our judge a hard nut to crack.  Good luck to all of you!

As a reminder, once the jurying is complete, whether or not your painting was accepted into the exhibition, you are welcome to send your work to the Riverside Hotel (we’ll put out more specific information shortly) with pricing if you wish to try to sell it.  This is the first time we’ve been able to do this!  Out of the largesse of our sponsor for the show we are able to hang as many paintings as we like.  I encourage you to take advantage of this if your goal is to sell your work.  The works will hang for two months (May and June), until the travel show is packed up and shipped to Twin Falls for the first leg of the tour.  I will arrange for your paintings to be returned as I have for other shows, and will contact you with shipping charges.

Again, thank you for your record participation!

Scott Muscolo, 2024 IWS Annual Juried Exhibition Chair


Last email on entering ArtCall

By Annual Juried Exhibition, ArtCall

Hello Annual Juried Show participants:

Please note:  Entry into the 2024 Annual Juried Exhibition will close TOMORROW EVENING at 9:00 PM MST.

After tomorrow night, you will be unable to enter or modify your entry.

If you are having any trouble with your entry, contact Scott Muscolo as soon as possible with your problem/concern.


It’s last minute, but I will do my best to help you if you are having a problem!  Probably best to call to make sure I’m aware of your issue.

Thanks, and again GOOD LUCK!

Scott Muscolo, 2024 IWS Annual Juried Exhibition Chair


2024 Rotunda Award Winners!

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Dear IWS Members,


We are thrilled to announce the winners of the 40th Annual Capitol Rotunda Art Show “Visitor’s Choice Award”! This year, we received an impressive 787 votes, marking a new record since the award’s inception in 2022. Without further delay, here are this year’s winners:

1st Place: Michael Grainger “Sugar High” ($200 Award)

2nd Place: Shelly Johnson “Happiness on a Tire Swing” ($100 Award)
3rd Place: Renee Galligher “Pink and Sweets”

Tied for 4th Place: Don Dyer “Bear Lake Country”, Sharon Herther “Autumn Lake Creek”.

Congratulations to these wonderful artists! Their work truly resonated with the public, and we commend them for their outstanding achievement.

We also extend our heartfelt appreciation to ALL of the artists who participated in this year’s IWS Rotunda Show. Your contributions have been invaluable in showcasing the diverse and exceptional talents within our watercolor community. Thank you for sharing your remarkable artwork and representing the Idaho Watercolor Society with such professionalism and excellence.

Lastly, but most importantly, we need to send a huge “thank you” to all of the many volunteers who helped the IWS organize this show. This exhibition would literally not be possible without the help of countless members who moved panels, hosted the show, provided treats for our reception, and so much more! Your dedication and hard work are deeply appreciated, and we recognize the vital role you play in making this show a reality.

This year’s Capitol Rotunda Art Show has been an incredible success. As we reflect on the achievements of this year, we eagerly anticipate the opportunity to see what next year’s show will bring. With your continued passion, creativity, and volunteerism, we have no doubt that it will be even more spectacular!


Beth Trott and Bonnie Liles
IWS Capitol Rotunda Show Coordinators

To view the award winners – Rotunda 2024 Visitor’s Choice Announcement

Upcoming close of ArtCall

By Annual Juried Exhibition, ArtCall, Events, Exhibits

Greetings Annual Show participants!

This is a reminder that ArtCall for submissions is closing at 9:00 PM, MST, on Wednesday, March 27.  After that time/date you will no longer be able to modify or enter new submissions.

We will be notified of the juror’s selections by April 9.

We currently have 102 submissions, and I expect several more to come in prior to closing.

Thank you for your participation, and again good luck to all!

Scott Muscolo, 2024 IWS Annual Juried Exhibition Chair


Sun Valley Plein Air Group Workshops

By Workshops

The following workshops are available in and around Sun Valley. For more information, or to sign up, please contact the instructor listed.


Workshop Venue:  Sun Valley Plein Air Group
Location: In Person – locations in and around Ketchum/Sun Valley
Title:  Vibrant Watercolor Sketches in the Landscape
Instructor:  Sarah B. Hansen
See info on her website, and email Sarah to sign up:
Cost:  $400 paid directly to Sarah
Number of Participants: 12
Dates: Three days in August 5, 6, 7  -2024

The class will start at 10 am and each day will end at 3PM.  Everyone will bring lunch and lots of water.

 Food and Housing not included in cost.
Workshop Venue:  Sun Valley Plein Air Group
Location: In Person – locations in and around Ketchum/Sun Valley area
Title:  Fall Color – Sun Valley with Hugh Mossman
Instructor: Hugh Mossman
Contact Hugh to sign up:
Cost:  $400 paid directly to Hugh
Number of Participants: limited to 12
Dates: Three days in September,  23,24,25-2024

The class will start at 10 am and each day will end at 3PM.  Everyone will bring lunch and lots of water.

 Food and Housing not included in cost.

Reminder – IWS is Zooming . . . Analysis and Discussion

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IWS is Zooming

Analysis and Discussion

Wednesday, March 20, 7-9 pm

Entries to Nadine “Hergy” Hergenrider

…Please send entries no later than 5pm on Zoom day, March 20. 

Tech questions?  Ask Jane Shimon

Having trouble with a painting?

Have a successful painting that you’d like to share?

No painting to share?  Join in anyway…it’s all


Zoom Link

Important Update: How to Resolve Access Issues on

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Dear IWS User,

We hope this email finds you well. Following recent security enhancements to our website, a few users have reported difficulties accessing some pages of the website. These issues are typically due to outdated cookies stored in your browser.

If you encounter any access issues, clearing your browser’s cookies should resolve them. Below, we’ve provided straightforward instructions for Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Safari users—covering our community’s most commonly used browsers.

For Google Chrome Users:

1. Open Google Chrome.

2. Click on the three dots in the upper right corner to open the menu.

3. Select “Settings”.

4. On the left, click “Privacy and security”.

5. Choose “Clear browsing data”.

6. Select the “Advanced” tab, check “Cookies and other site data”, then select “All time” from the “Time range” dropdown.

7. Click “Clear data”.

For Mozilla Firefox Users:

1. Open Mozilla Firefox.

2. Click on the three horizontal lines in the upper right to open the menu.

3. Select “Settings”.

4. Choose “Privacy & Security” on the left.

5. Under “Cookies and Site Data”, click “Manage Website Data”.

6. Find, select it, then click “Remove Selected”.

7. Hit “Save Changes”.

For Safari Users:

1. Open Safari.

2. Click on Safari in the menu bar, then select “Preferences”.

3. Go to the “Privacy” tab.

4. Click “Manage Website Data”.

5. Type in the search bar, select it, then click “Remove”.

6. Click “Done”.

Please note these steps are only necessary if you’re experiencing issues accessing the website. We recommend restarting your browser after clearing the cookies to ensure everything is updated correctly.

We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused. Your seamless experience on our platform is our top priority. Should you require further assistance or have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact our support team at

Thank you for your patience and understanding. We value your continued support and are here to ensure your experience on is nothing short of excellent.

Warmest regards,

The IWS Board

IWS Website Changes

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With other changes for IWS this year, as noted by our president Carol in the recent newsletter, there are also changes to the website to join, renew, and manage your membership status.

Changes to the Join page have been made to make it much easier for new members to join or existing members to renew their membership.

Each member will have a record displaying their membership status, the amount paid, and when it was paid. This record will appear under the Members menu option as My Membership Info. Here, you will see your username (email), password, membership status, i.e., Renewed, New, Dual PAPI, Associate, full-time student, or Affiliate, when your membership expires, payments made, and the date it was made. You can update your membership information, such as your address, phone number, areas of interest, and experience for volunteering purposes. You can also print out an invoice of your payment to keep on hand and post it on your bulletin board as a reminder when you need to renew again!

For all members that are up to date on membership, with changes just rolled out, your record has been imported using your current email address and a global temporary password of “IWS2024”. You must access your record and change the password from the temporary global one to a unique one. Please keep track of your login and password as this will be how you track your membership status and payments.

In addition, when the member records were imported into the updated system, it generated an email with the subject line, “Your Payment Receipt to the Idaho Watercolor Society.” Rest assured, you have not been charged again, the system is trying to be helpful by letting you know that your payment is now in the new system. What you see in the email is payment information and the exact information that will be in your account online on the IWS site for you to check at any given time.

*Note – you do not have to login to use the website. The purpose of the new member Login is to only see your personal information, membership status, payment status and history.

How to Log In and change your password:

At the main IWS website, select the menu option Log In.

You will see the following form. Enter your personal email and the temporary password assigned, then click on Log in.

After selecting Log In, you will see the following main form with a new menu option My Membership Info. Select it.

Your membership information form will appear. In the following example, just the top portion of the screen is displayed showing the account menu options.

To change your password from the temporary to a permanent one, scroll all the way to the bottom of this form to select the Change Password option. Upon changing your password, save the changes and document your new password and store it in a safe place.

We are committed to assisting all members through this transition. Our goal is to ensure a smooth and seamless experience for everyone involved.

The Idaho Watercolor Society Board