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February 2024

Reminder – IWS is Zooming . . . Analysis and Discussion

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Reminder – IWS is Zooming

Analysis and Discussion

Wednesday, February 21, 7-9 pm

Entries to Nadine “Hergy” Hergenrider

…Please send entries no later than 5pm on Zoom day, February 21

Tech questions?  Ask Jane Shimon

Having trouble with a painting?

Have a successful painting that you’d like to share?

No painting to share?  Join in anyway…it’s all


Zoom Link

IWS Annual Juried Exhibition and ArtCall Update

By Annual Juried Exhibition

Hello IWS Annual Show hopefuls:

Please feel free to use ArtCall for sign up, as the minor glitch with the fees has been resolved by Carol HasBrouck.

We will of course continue to monitor the signups, but are confident we’re good to go.

For those of you interested in an ArtCall refresher, please contact me and we’ll schedule a Zoom.

Thanks for your patience, and we’re excited to see your work!

Scott Muscolo


IWS Annual Juried Exhibition and ArtCall Important Notice

By Annual Juried Exhibition

Greetings IWS Annual Show Hopefuls:

Please do not attempt to register today (2/15/24), until an announcement comes out that ArtCall is running properly and we can take registrations.

Currently the system is not charging correctly, and is only assessing the first $40 regardless of whether you have entered one or two paintings.  To prevent everyone from having to pay an additional $10 directly to Dennis Hayzlett for the second entry, we are asking that you hold off submitting your entries for a day or so.

We have 6 (six) weeks to complete the ArtCall registration, so there’s no urgent need to register immediately.  Giving us a day or two to work out this small kink will greatly reduce the burden on Dennis to process a bunch of $10 checks, and we need to be sure the system is working smoothly and properly.

Thank you for your patience on this, it will be resolved shortly and will not impact your ability to register your fine paintings for the show.

Scott Muscolo


IWS Annual Workshop Participants

By Annual Workshop

Following is a list of those who have signed up for the IWS annual workshop with Chris Stubbs, and those who are on the waiting list.  Please check that your name is correctly listed. We want to make sure we didn’t miss someone whose email may have gone to spam.

1.  Scott Muscolo
2.  Carol Browning
3.  Diane Winder
4.  Jennifer Von Bergen
5.  JoAnn Lance
6.  Loretta Barra
7.  Julene Knapp
8.  Nina Marie Altman
9.  Stephanie Youngerman
10. Betty Jo Evans
11. Amy Brauner
12. Nancy Inaba
13. Karen Hickman
14. Nancy Bellnier
15. Vana Richards
16. Jane Shimon
17. JoAnne Lafferty
18. Vicki Merryweather (Rhodes)
19. Kathleen Archer
20. Jane Wilson
21. Marilyn Holte
22. Cathy Anderson
23. Les Scott
24. Stacy Scott
Waiting List:
1.  Joanne Duffin
2.  Cathy Skinner
3.  Diane Ingersoll
If you emailed us, and you do not see your name on this list, please send your reply email to both Susan Kluksdal at and to Jean Ah Fong at  That way if one of us misses your response, we have a way to check.

Spring Plein Air Workshop with Ron Stocke

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**Note: As of 02/14/2024 – the workshop is full. Please email Lynn McConnell at if you want to be added to the waiting list.**


Idaho Watercolor Society is pleased to announce:

The Urban Workshop

Presented by Ron Stocke

April 5 & 6th at the Riverside Hotel

2900 Chinden Blvd., Boise, Idaho

This 2-day workshop will focus on the Urban landscape and how to draw and paint the manmade and natural shapes so that they feel connected in our painting as well as adding our own individual artistic fingerprints.  Using a mix of painting outdoors and in the studio, Ron will be demonstrating both days but Day Two is designed to show you how to take your painting from outside into the studio and use what you learned to loosen up and edit your work.

Ron will cover his simple technique on how to find and draw perspective correctly. He will show students why simplifying your shapes makes for a much stronger artistic mark and that why achieving strong values in watercolor can make all the difference.

Painting locations – Participants will be working outside Parks, cafes, public spaces, as well as indoors to work on and finish your painting(s).

What will be taught:

  • Perspective – Ron will show you his easy techniques to find and draw the correct perspective so that your architecture looks and feels correct.
  • Establishing your horizon line and vanishing points are the keys to making all of your objects look connected.
  • Learn a simple yet effective way to paint windows, doors, awnings, cars and architectural details.
  • Figures – Learn to simplify shapes. Your figures, and other details that look more correct and make them much more fun and interesting to paint.
  • Light and shadows – Learn how shadows fall and connect different objects within your paintings.
  • Creating mood and energy around a city environment.
  • Learn to overcome the anxiety you feel painting around other artists and the public. Remember your worst painting looks amazing to 90% of the public, so GO FOR IT!

Ron will demonstrate throughout both days.  These demonstrations will be broken up into two categories. 1) A full painting demo from start to finish and 2) what Ron likes to call his elements demo’s. These demos will be broken into the smaller elements of our paintings (Figures, Cars, foliage, architecture, etc.).





FROM 5:00PM – 8:30PM

In honor of the First Friday of 2024, the Riverside Hotel is offering exhibit space to those artists attending Ron’s workshop on April 5th & 6th , who are interested in participating.  The Riverside will be providing table space and easels for approximately 12 artists who would like to show & sell some of their works of art.  Prints and cards are also encouraged.  Entry is determined on a First Come, First Served basis.

All sales are to be handled by each individual artist and the hotel is not asking for commission from your sales.  And there is no cost to the artists to participate in this Pop-Up event.

This will be set up in the Main Lobby across from the Sapphire Room.  The hotel will be providing appetizers and beverages.

If you are interested in participating in this event, please email Lynn McConnell at  Priority will be given to those artists who are participating in Ron Stocke’s workshop.  If there is space available, entries will be opened up to non-workshop artists.

This is a great opportunity to get your art seen by many First Friday attendees.


Born 1966 in Chico, California, Ron Stocke moved to the Pacific Northwest in 1979. Interested in drawing and painting at an early age, his career as an artist was shaped by life events that really encouraged him to explore ways to cope with everything in a positive, productive way. His first experience with painting came during school as a child when he was exposed to watercolors. Even at that young age, he found a love for that medium that would grow into a career that has lasted throughout his life.

​“The watercolor medium is honest, challenging and always new. It is the oldest pursuit that I know and has enriched my life at every level. While sometimes frustrating even for the most experienced watercolor painter, it is invigorating and always a learning experience.”

An award-winning watercolor artist, Ron is a regular contributor to, and has been a cover artist for Watercolor Artist Magazine as well as other publications. Teaching comprehensive workshops throughout North America and Europe, he also conducts demonstrations and lectures on various art materials and creating a safe, environmentally friendly studio. Ron holds Signature Membership with the American Watercolor Society, National Watercolor Society, Northwest Watercolor Society, and a member of the American Impressionist Society. He has been an Artist Ambassador for M.Graham Watercolors for over 15 years.


  • Workshop Dates are Friday, April 5th and Saturday, April 6th – 9:00 am – 4:00pm
  • Cost of the workshop is $220 which includes the cost of the workshop, lunches each day, and participation (if interested) in the Pop-up Art Show.
  • Pop-up Art Show runs from 5:00pm – 8:30pm. You are responsible for set up/take down of your art and for collecting payments for any sales.  Your space will be somewhat limited depending on how many people sign up to participate.  More information will be made available at a later date.
  • In addition to lunches, coffee, tea, and water will be provided each day.
  • Entrants to this workshop will be accepted on a first come/first served basis by email and will be limited to 26 attendees. When we have received 26 entries, we will email all those who have been accepted into the workshop and send them an entry form which must be completed and mailed in by March 8th to:  Idaho Watercolor Society, c/o Lynn McConnell, 52 So. Grays Lane, Nampa, ID 83687 along with your check for $220.Emails will also be sent to those on the waiting list. You are not fully confirmed into the workshop until you have responded and paid your workshop fee.   You will have until March 8th to confirm your attendance and pay your entrance fee.
  • After March 8th, if you need to cancel, we will refund your entry fee if there is someone on the waiting list to take your place. If not, there are no refunds, but you may negotiate with someone to take your place.  If we have not received your money and form by March 8th, your spot will be given away.
  • Coming from out of town? We have a block of 5 rooms available for those of you from out of town.  Cost is $198/night.  To reserve your room, call the Riverside Hotel – 208-343-1871.  The block is listed under Idaho Watercolor Society.

2024 Idaho Watercolor Society Annual Workshop

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**As of Tuesday, 02/13/2024, this workshop is full. If you wish to be added to a waiting list, email both Susan Kluksdal at and Jean Ah Fong at **


2024 Idaho Watercolor Society Annual Workshop
Presented by Chris Stubbs
June 5th to June 7th


Chris has been painting in watercolor since she was 16 years old—with a lot of breaks—while she was raising children and being the wife of a (now retired) career Navy pilot. Resuming painting while they were stationed in San Diego, Chris has worked at perfecting her lifelong passion of painting people. She also enjoys painting flowers, animals, and all things authored by the heart of our Creator God.

Painting the beauty of our creation is important to her. In our sometimes crazy world, Chris believes that beauty cries out for the world to see and to taste and be believed.

She paints mainly in transparent watercolor. Often considered the most difficult of the painting media, watercolor has a distinctive ability to allow light to shine through the paint in a transparent manner, when painted on white paper. And because water is the carrier, the colors have a unique ability to blend in ways that no other medium can do. This brings a feeling of “light” into her paintings.

Chris holds Signature membership in the National Watercolor Society, Northwest Watercolor Society, Watercolor West, Western Federation of Watercolor Societies, and Watercolor Society of Oregon and served as President of the Watercolor Society of Oregon in 2019. She has won numerous awards including two Best in Show awards and five People’s Choice Awards in the Watercolor Society of Oregon Shows.

To see her gallery, go to



  • Entrants to this workshop will be accepted on a first come/first served basis by email. When the class is full, we will email those included, and also send an email to those on the wait list.  Send your reply email to both Susan Kluksdal at and to Jean Ah Fong at  That way if one of us misses your response, we have a way to check.
  • The cost is $425. This will be a popular workshop so don’t wait!
  • Once you receive confirmation, you have until May 1st for us to receive the entry form and money (check made to IWS) to: Susan Kluksdal, 1766 N Bello Sara Way, Eagle, ID  83616
  • After May 1st, if you need to cancel, we will refund money if there is someone on the waiting list to take your place. If not, there are no refunds, but you may negotiate with someone to take your place.  If we have not received your money and form by May 1st, your spot will be given away.
  • The workshop will go from 9am until 4pm June 5th through June 7th.
  • Location is Riverside Inn, 2900 W Chinden Blvd, Garden City ID 83714
  • Lunches will be provided each day. Morning coffee, tea, water and maybe a cookie or breakfast breads will be available.
  • We will send out a supply list at a later date.
  • Out of towners: There is a block of rooms available at the Riverside Inn 208-343-1871. The block is listed under IWS.  The IWS state show, awards ceremony, reception, and workshop will all be held at the Riverside Inn, so it will be a very convenient place to stay.  Price, including taxes and fees, is $254.25/night. The awards ceremony and reception will be Tuesday the 4th.

For additional information and the mail in registration form, click here.