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Annual Workshop

IWS Annual Workshop Participants

By February 13, 2024No Comments

Following is a list of those who have signed up for the IWS annual workshop with Chris Stubbs, and those who are on the waiting list.  Please check that your name is correctly listed. We want to make sure we didn’t miss someone whose email may have gone to spam.

1.  Scott Muscolo
2.  Carol Browning
3.  Diane Winder
4.  Jennifer Von Bergen
5.  JoAnn Lance
6.  Loretta Barra
7.  Julene Knapp
8.  Nina Marie Altman
9.  Stephanie Youngerman
10. Betty Jo Evans
11. Amy Brauner
12. Nancy Inaba
13. Karen Hickman
14. Nancy Bellnier
15. Vana Richards
16. Jane Shimon
17. JoAnne Lafferty
18. Vicki Merryweather (Rhodes)
19. Kathleen Archer
20. Jane Wilson
21. Marilyn Holte
22. Cathy Anderson
23. Les Scott
24. Stacy Scott
Waiting List:
1.  Joanne Duffin
2.  Cathy Skinner
3.  Diane Ingersoll
If you emailed us, and you do not see your name on this list, please send your reply email to both Susan Kluksdal at and to Jean Ah Fong at  That way if one of us misses your response, we have a way to check.