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Annual Juried Exhibition Participants and Idaho Power Sponsorship

By May 3, 2024No Comments

Greetings Annual Show exhibitors:

We are pleased to announce that Idaho Power is again interested in sponsoring the purchase of a painting for their collection.  I have negotiated a (tentative) offer of $800 for the purchase of your painting by Idaho Power, should you choose to participate.

In 2019, this sponsorship was $600.

To understand this properly, your painting priced at $1100 would, after commission to IWS and the Water’s Edge Gallery would net $715.  This is after considering your painting may not sell at all.

A guaranteed price of $800 may be of more value to you than a hopeful asking price of $1500.

We do not deduct an IWS commission from this sale, and since it’s not driven by the venue, the Water’s Edge Gallery is excluded from commission in this sale.  You would receive the entire $800.

The sooner we hear from you on your willingness to participate, the sooner we can ink this proposal with Idaho Power.  Please get back directly to Scott Muscolo 805-795-0252 or at to confirm your participation.

Thank you!

Scott Muscolo, 2024 IWS Annual Juried Exhibition Chair