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Audio-Visual Technology for IWS Workshops

By May 10, 2024No Comments

If you have attended an IWS workshop any time during the past few years, you know we use a video camera, linked to either a projector or a TV set, to make the instructor’s actions more visible to the class. We have used a small SONY camcorder and are now using a GoPro 11 video camera to observe the lessons.

Right now, I am the only person acquainted with the camera and able to set it up for workshop use. I would like to meet with several other IWS members who would be interested in learning how to operate the camera and to set it up in the workshop area. By sharing this information, we can make sure that there is always someone available to help with any given activity.

If you take frequent workshops, this would be a perfect way to become more involved in assisting with IWS activities. Please let me know if you are interested in learning more about the GoPro and how we utilize it to enhance the workshops. I would like to set up one or two meetings between now and the end of May to pass on what I have learned and explore how we can better use this flexible technology.

Please send me an email to expressing your interest and I will contact you with further details.

Thank you.

Dennis Hayzlett