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Annual Juried Exhibition


By May 6, 2024No Comments

Greetings, all Participants in the 2024 Annual Juried Membership Exhibition:

If you submitted your artwork to our Annual Show being exhibited at the Riverside Hotel, and you wish to sell your painting, this re-announcement pertains to you.

Idaho Power has asked to participate in our Silver Sponsor program.  They have offered $800 (commission-free) for the option to choose one piece of artwork in our exhibit.  This is a possible sale for your exhibited artwork.

But you must tell me if you wish to participate.  This only means your piece MAY be chosen for this honor.

If you have established an asking price for your painting, it may be to your advantage to participate.

Please shoot me an email directly to if you would like to enter the program, or text me at 805-795-0252.

I can only offer those paintings to Idaho Power if you specifically asked to be part of this program.  I don’t want to risk offering a painting which is not for sale.

Here is the list of participants to date.  If you see your name here and you DON’T want to be part of this program, please contact me immediately.

Nancy Inaba                                                                                                   Stanley Cope

Linda Aman                                                                                                    Susan Kluksdal

Laurie Asahara (NFS if not chosen by Idaho Power)                                     Joann Lance

Rachel Linquist                                                                                              Teresa Wade

Cherry Woodbury                                                                                          Hugh Mossman

Susan Snyder                                                                                                 Angela Grainger

Lynn McConnell                                                                                             Marilyn Holte

Renee Galligher                                                                                             Donald Nafus

Pam Grant                                                                                                      Marina Zavalova

Sue Johnston                                                                                                 Gloria Miller Allen

Jackie Zumalt                                                                                                 Jane Shimon

Linda Carlson                                                                                                 Thomas Fennell

Nadine Hergenrider (Only East Fork Salmon River Cabin)                           Frankie Sims

Dave Earnest                                                                                                   Ilse Schreiner

Patti Keefe

( I would offer my painting, but my wife wants it.  Other than that…)

A special thank you to all the participants—this will help establish Gold and Silver sponsorships for next year.


Scott Muscolo, 2024 IWS Annual Juried Exhibition Chair